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Dear metalheads, Dear fans and friends,


After more than 2 decades of touring, releasing albums and experiencing different kinds of deals and aspects of the music industry, we are now ready to seek for more freedom and reduce the distance between ourselves and our fans !


With this goal in mind, CRIMSON PRODUCTIONS was born in 2020 from a joint collaboration of Mick Caesare (Founder singer of DESTINITY) with Victor "VJ" David (Coordinator at LIONS METAL FESTIVAL OPEN AIR) and  the first release was the re-issue (under license / Lifeforce Records) of "RESOLVE IN CRIMSON" with a 12" color vinyl disc limited to 200ex.

We'll do more in the future and offer our experience, expertise, network and advantageous deals to the artists we love and believe in. Your kind support when buying CDs, Vinyls, Merch…etc will go directly into the pockets of your favorite artists and this is the concept of this incredible adventure.

Feel free to send us your links, bio and more and explain your project ! Please use the band submissions only.

Take care, stay healthy and stay free !



We also have digital distribution worldwide through all the established channels : Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Youtube, Itunes... All in all we service 200+ digital stores with content for digital sales and streaming.

Are you a retailer interested in buying and distribute our releases ? For North + South America, Asia, Rest of World, please contact us !

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